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Welding Recondition

  • Coal Pulverizer Tables

    We are specialized of customizing high temperature and wear-resistant products and improving the life of every kind of mechanical set up.
    We are committed to customer satisfaction and high performance. We insist on quality products, providing top precision at the...
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  • Welding Rebuild on Table Liner

    The company's products cover areas requiring wear resistance such as cement, glass, electricity, mining, paper, and construction machinery. Our professional team will make reasonable recommendations, recommend high quality products and provide effective solutions based on the...
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  • Repair Coal Mill Table Liners

    We are professional Casting Steel high chromium or tungsten carbide overlay Coated hammer mills Coal Pulverizer systems Rolls Rollers factory in china
    Our coal pulverizer maintenance program has the following goals.
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  • Roller Welding Repair

    Relying on the advanced automatic welding equipment, we strive to help our client to reduce downtime of machine and improve productivity.
    Smooth surface and nice weld bead after welding recondition are assured. Hardness of roller reach to HRc 56~60 after hardfacing...
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  • Welding Recondition on Roller

    Repairing Roller & Table Liner adopts Open Arc Welding technology to increase the service life.
    The processing can significantly save in maintaining cost and much improve the output. Our Repair Services mainly include MPS, NBF, HP, LM and so on...
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  • Welding Rebuild on Roller

    The Core of Roller base is made of a high yield strength forged steel and the grinding surface is covered with a wear-resistance cladding applied by welding. Recognized as a specialist in manufacturing Flux Cored Welding Wires, We specially developed welding wires which are...
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