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Wear Plate

  • Abrasion Resistant Stainless Steel

    A general term for steel materials with high wear resistance, wear-resistant steel is the largest amount of wear-resistant materials.
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  • Chrome Carbide Overlay

    Chrome carbide overlay for a wide range of applications including loader buckets, excavators, draggers, pump casings, impellers, chute/hopper lining wear protection, and hammer and mud pipes and elbows for the recycling industry.
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  • Tungsten Carbide Wear Plates

    TUNGSTEN CARBIDE WEAR PLATES are perfact for fine particle abrasion with low impact, and mainly used for abrasion resistant, wear protection.
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  • Ar400 Steel Plate

    AR400, plate are abrasion resistant (AR) quenched and tempered alloy steels. This grade of alloy steel exhibits high abrasion resistance and hardness.
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  • Ar500 Steel Plate

    Ar 500 steel plate has a surface hardness of between 470-540 HBW (aim is 500) and is designed for use in the manufacturing of medium-duty service vehicles and field use.
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  • Abrasion Resistant Plate

    Wear-resistant layer of wear plate is mainly made of high chromium.
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  • Abrasion Resistant Steel

    Wear resistant steel plate with submerged arc welding, In the picture there are many cracks, please don't worry. The wear resistant steel plate is not broken and the cracks are good to release the thermal stress. These transversely distributed cracks relief the structure's...
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  • Wear Resistant Steel

    There are several types of steels that are made particularly to prevent wear, known as abrasion resistant steels. Wear plate is composed of many welding beads and the overlay contains a series of evenly spaced hairlike cracks. The cracks are distributed throughout the overlay...
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  • Chrome Carbide Plate

    Our chromium carbide plates in different specifications according to clients' specific requirements. The surface condition are divided as sintered blank and grinding, which meet different products applications. We produce chromium carbide plates in different sizes and...
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  • Hardfacing Protection Steel Plate

    We understand the importance of quality product. We insist on the highest quality raw materials in our manufacturing process, in turn providing you with products that you never have to think twice about. You can rest assured that our products will meet or exceed your...
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  • Chromium Carbide Coating

    Thermal sprayed chromium carbide coatings combat high-temperature wear due to the high wear resistance imparted by the hard carbide particles and the high temperature oxidation resistant nature of the Cr2O3 oxide formed over both phases of CR3C2-NiCr. high velocity sprayed...
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  • Wear Resistant Stainless Steel

    WKL wear plate is manufactured by WeiKeLai Welding Co., Ltd from our special recipe of chrome carbide material. The wear plates comprise mild steel as base & wear resistant overlay by arc welding in order to offer exceptional resistance to abrasive wear.
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