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  • Abrasion Resistant Metals

    It is important to use the proper materials to ensure that surface wear does not lead to unanticipated breakdown of structures or parts. There are several types of steels that are made particularly to prevent wear, known as abrasion resistant steels. Unique combination of...
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  • Manganese Wear Plate

    High manganese steel plate becomes increasingly hard when the surfaces of components are subject to repeated impact or abrasion. Its toughness, derived from high tensile strength and ductility, enables shock leads to be absorbed safely. The steel has the unique property in...
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  • Composite Wear Plates

    Composite Wear Plate for Hard Surfacing, wear facing, application areas for different industries for wear-plates. We are an professional manufacturer and trader of Welding Electrodes and Wires. Our products are maintained at corrosion resistance, tear resistance, easy...
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  • Anti Wear Steel

    Anti Wear Steel is not broken and the cracks are good to release the thermal stress. These transversely distributed cracks relief the structure's tension improving wear resistant steel plate's performance like mechanical properties and the overlay don't fall off the base...
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  • Clad Wear Plate

    Clad Wear Plates provide the abrasion resistance that approaches ceramics, the weldability of mild steel, and moderate impact properties. These unique properties offer the user opportunities to significantly extend component life and reduce downtime. Today they occupy a major...
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  • Hardfacing Wear Plate

    Hardfacing Wear Plates are an efficient, use-anywhere solution, which make extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces a reality. The high energy input used in this procedure ensures a secure bond between the base plate and the hard layer. This means that Hardfacing Wear...
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  • Cladding Steel Plate

    Cladding Steel Plate is the answer to, well, almost any problem that designers face when working in demanding industries like construction and chemical processing. Need a more corrosive-resistant steel? Need a metal that's strong and costs less to produce? If the problem or...
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  • Wear Resistant Alloys

    Today, due to higher performance of equipment and products, more machines are operated at a higher speed and higher pressure, under heat and corrosion resistant conditions. In addition, users' demands are becoming more diversified and sophisticated with regard to wear and...
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  • Hardox Steel Plate

    Hardfacing Steel Plate is kind of compound abrasion-resistant steel. The Plate giving you extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments,and delivers exceptional strength, hardness and toughness in one and the same wear plate.
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  • Tungsten Carbide Plate

    WKL Plate is available to be formed, rolled, and cut to your specific needs. Tungsten Carbide Plate in different specifications according to clients'specific requirements. The surface condition is divided as sintered blank and grinding, which meet different products applications.
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  • Bimetal Wear Plate

    WKL Plate has good weldability and is suited to most standard welding methods. It can be welded to other ferrous metals like mild and stainless steels, quite satisfactorily. For different work conditions, we can control the thickness of the layer to reach the overall...
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  • Alloy Steel Plate

    WKL Plate has good weldability and is suited to most standard welding methods. It can be welded to other ferrous metals like mild and stainless steels, quite satisfactorily. The purpose of alloying of steel is to improve the microstructure and properties of steel by utilizing...
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