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Type Selection Of Wear-resistant Tube Lining
Aug 31, 2018

There are also different material options for wear resistant pipe liners. Lined wear-resistant ceramic pipe (lined with aluminum oxide, according to different wear conditions. Silicon carbide, zirconia, nitrogen silicon, sialon, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, etc.) wear-resistant alloy tube; Grinding pipe parts; steel and rubber wear-resistant pipe; steel-plastic wear-resistant pipe; wear-resistant cast stone pipe; wear-resistant self-propagating composite pipe rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe.

It is mainly used for material conveying pipelines such as pneumatic force and pumping slurry. Because the conveying medium has high hardness, the wear-resistant pipeline mainly includes structural parts such as wear-resistant elbows, straight pipes, tees, large and small heads, square round sections and variable diameter pipes. The characteristics of fast flow rate and large flow rate, the conveying medium temporarily continues to impact, wear and corrode the pipe wall, causing the pipe to fatigue and gradually wear through.

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