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The Difference Between Medicinal Welding Wire And Solid Welding Wire
Aug 31, 2018

The flux-cored wire is hollow, with rosin in the middle, which is convenient for welding. The solid wire needs to use flux when welding. The core can stabilize the arc, improve the operation performance and protect the core, and the flux-cored wire and solid wire In comparison, the scope of application is more extensive, the detailed differences are as follows:

1. The flux-cored wire has less splash than the solid wire, and it will not block the nozzle when used continuously.

2. The operation performance of flux cored wire is better than that of solid wire.

3, the price of flux cored wire is more expensive than solid wire.

4. The deposition efficiency of the flux-cored wire is slightly lower than that of the solid wire, but the deposition rate is much faster than the solid wire.

5, flux cored wire is suitable for all-position welding, solid wire is only suitable for thin plate welding.

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