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Precautions And References When Purchasing Liners
Aug 31, 2018

1. The liner is required to have good wear resistance. The alloy steel lining plate with high wear-resistance and impact-resistant double-medium quenching has a scientific and reasonable alloying element formula, so that the lining plate has good physical and chemical properties, the hardness is above HRC45-55, the impact toughness value is above 25J, and the service life is high manganese. More than 2 times of steel, it can withstand huge impact strength, and can maintain the surface shape of the liner in the long-term work to ensure the mill's stable increase of 5% or more.

2. High strength and high toughness.

In the quenching process of the lining plate, the special double-medium quenching agent with good thermal stability is used as the medium, so that the product achieves the combination of high strength, high hardness and high toughness to meet the wear resistance process requirements.

3. High cost performance and strong adaptability.

It is treated by advanced double-medium quenching process, which has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value, which makes the lining board have good wear resistance. Compared with high manganese steel lining, alloy steel ball lining in medium alloy double medium quenching The board exhibits excellent cost performance and can adapt to mine wet grinding, dry grinding, mixed grinding and so on.

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