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High-strength Wear-resistant Steel Plate Surface Technical Requirements
Aug 31, 2018

High-strength wear-resistant steel plate wear-resistant lining surfaces are not allowed to have defects such as cracks, bubbles, crusting, folding and inclusions. Steel plates must not be layered. If the above surface defects are present, the cleaning is allowed. The cleaning depth shall not exceed half of the thickness tolerance of the steel plate from the actual size of the steel plate, and the minimum thickness of the steel plate shall be ensured. The defect cleaning area should be smooth and free of edges and corners.

The surface of the high-strength wear-resistant steel plate is allowed to have a thin layer of iron oxide scale, rust, surface roughness, scratches, indentations and other local defects caused by the falling of the iron oxide scale, but the depth is not greater than the thickness tolerance Half of it should be guaranteed to the minimum thickness of the steel plate.

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