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Cracking Factor Of Chromium Carbide Wear-resistant Welding Wire
Aug 31, 2018

The cracking of the chromium carbide wear resistant wire is related to the following factors:

1. The welding current size, the length of the arc, the current is large, the arc is long, the alloying elements are easily burnt, and conversely, the transition of the alloy elements is favorable.

2. Preheating temperature and slow cooling conditions determine the quality of the weld overlay.

3. Some surfacing metals can be obtained with different hardnesses by different heat treatment methods.

The main methods to prevent cracking of chromium carbide wear-resistant wire are:

1. Preheating before welding, control the temperature between layers, and slowly cool after welding.

2. Stress-relieving heat treatment after welding.

3. Avoid cracking during multi-layer surfacing, using low-hydrogen surfacing electrode.

4. When necessary, build a transition layer between the weld overlay and the base metal.

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