What are the main characteristics of Hardfacing Processed Plate products?
Oct 24, 2018

Hardfacing Processed Plate products generally have good wear resistance and exhibit good overall performance in use. That is to say, the material not only has the wear resistance of high alloy casting, but also has high mechanical strength and impact performance, and at the same time improves the weldability of the material, and the Hardfacing Processed Plate is safer in different fields. reliable.


In addition to its strong wear resistance, hard surface processing products also have high temperature and corrosion resistance. The content of Ni and Cr in the alloy directly determines the temperature resistance of the material. The content of Cr element and Cu element determines the corrosion resistance of the material. The reasonable combination of these elements makes the new rare earth wear-resistant alloy material have several properties at the same time, and can adapt to various harsh working conditions.


Moreover, the processing technology of Hardfacing Processed Plate products is advanced, which has a reliable guarantee for the performance of the products. The new processing technology ensures the accuracy of the product, and the material is evenly organized and stable in performance, and has a long service life in practical applications.

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