What are the excellent properties of Hardfacing Protection Steel Plate?
Oct 10, 2018

The hard surface protection steel plate is a new type of wear resistant material which is improved on the basis of ordinary steel plate . Because its wear layer is made of high chromium alloy system, it has considerable corrosion resistance ; and its use temperature range is below 550 °C . For the working conditions with special temperature requirements, by adjusting the alloy composition of the wear-resistant layer to meet the requirements of use, the hard-faced protective steel plate with the base material of carbon steel can withstand the maximum temperature of 800 °C .


Since the wear layer of the hard surface protection steel plate is made of bimetal composite, it has good impact resistance, and can provide high wear resistant steel plate with high impact resistance according to the specific requirements of the user for equipment and components that carry large impact.


Tests have proved that the wear resistance of the hard surface protection steel plate is 4-7 times that of the domestic common wear plate . The product has been widely recognized by the metallurgy, cement, mining, thermal power, glass and other industries with its excellent cost performance. Hard surface may also protect steel manufacturer to the customer hardfacing protection of different sizes according to requirements of the steel sheet material can be user drawing, processing, production, enabling customers sheet loss rate is zero.

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