What are the benefits of Welding Recondition On Roller technology?
Nov 15, 2018

There are many benefits to repairing with overlay welding. The first is to save costs and shorten product development time. The Welding Recondition On Roller technology is simple to operate, only need to clean the cavity, completely process the hot mold defect, and then weld it. After the surfacing material is filled in the relevant parts as required, the cavity is reworked, unlike the traditional repair process.


Welding Recondition On Roller does not require additional materials. After the reworked workpiece is damaged again, it can continue to be rebuilt and reused. It can be repaired dozens of times. The surface hardness of the workpiece after repair by surfacing is higher than the original mold. To achieve the effect of "table hard and tough", the cavity is not easy to collapse, and in many cases the service life after repair is even higher than the life without repair after initial repair.


In addition, the Welding Recondition On Roller can be adjusted to the synchronization state of the entire production line, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. This also greatly reduces the consumption of materials, resulting in a sharp drop in costs. Due to the flexibility of the overlay welding repair technology, it can be used after repairing in a short period of time, so there is no need to store a large amount of flaky pieces, which greatly reduces the number of spare parts.

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