Welding and hot working of Hardfacing Protection Steel Plate
Oct 12, 2018

Hardfacing Protection Steel Plate sheets are mainly used for water jet cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting in the process of cutting. If the shearing ability of the equipment is satisfied, mechanical shearing can also be used for processing. Water jet cutting is recommended, which ensures the ballistic performance of the cutting edge.


Hot working of hard surface protection steel plate

Hot processing of BP series protective steel sheets is not recommended. If you need to heat-treat the steel plate, please contact Baosteel's production and sales research team.


Hard surface protection steel plate welding

Hard-faced protective steel plates can be welded to some extent by common welding methods. When selecting welding materials, austenitic welding materials or low-strength ferritic welding materials can be recommended. If the strength of the welded joint is an important performance requirement, a higher strength ferritic welding material can also be used.

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