Wear-resistant steel production process
Aug 31, 2018

Wear-resistant steel is smelted by electric furnace or converter. The products are made of castings. In recent years, hot-worked materials such as forging and rolling are increasing. The production method of wear-resistant steel parts used in general machinery is not much different from other workpieces, but it should be required in the heat treatment process or surface treatment process to meet the demand for ensuring wear resistance. For those steel materials whose metallurgical purity significantly affects the wear resistance, refining measures should be taken, and limit requirements for harmful impurities and gases should be imposed. In addition to the number, shape and distribution of the second phase outside the base, it often has a significant impact on the wear resistance of the steel. At this time, it is necessary to coordinate the chemical composition design, smelting, hot working, heat treatment (including thermomechanical treatment) of the steel. Consider, in order to strive for the improvement of wear resistance from the metallurgical factors.

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