Wear resistance performance of wear-resistant lining
Aug 31, 2018

When the material is easy to grind (the slag bond work index 20, the raw material bond work index 10, the coal Hastelloy index 75 or the ton consumption is 3g/t), the slag vertical wear wear parts after surfacing are normal. The running time is 1800 hours to 2000 hours, the running time of coal vertical grinding wear parts reaches 7000 hours, the running time of raw material vertical grinding wear parts reaches 7000 hours, and the running time of cement clinker vertical wear parts reaches 2500 hours or more. After the running time of the squeezing roller reaches 4000 hours (after online surfacing) to 8000 hours (after offline surfacing), it can be considered that the wear-resistant parts after surfacing meet the expected wear performance requirements.

For the vertical wear wear parts of the cast base material of high chromium cast iron or nickel hard IV, the weld overlay layer shall not fall off within 3 months after the completion of the surfacing and re-manufacturing.

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