The role and installation of the Coal Pulverizer Tables
Jan 12, 2019

The pulverized coal machine is a new type of coal-fired equipment. As an important component of the pulverized coal machine, the pulverized coal machine counter plays an important role in the process of equipment work. The pulverized coal machine not only has high automation level, but also has uniform combustion and no black smoke. It can save 50% of coal and meet environmental protection requirements. It is an essential product for enterprises to reduce costs and reduce pollution targets.


In other words, the use of pulverized coal machine can significantly improve product quality, and greatly reduce the work intensity of laborers, reduce production costs, and improve economic efficiency. The pulverized coal machine countertop is made of high quality materials and is durable.


In the process of equipment assembly, the installation of important parts of the pulverized coal machine countertop should meet the requirements of quality requirements, technical standards, and deviation ranges. In the preparation of assembly operations, in order to avoid possible accidents, safety measures must be taken, command in lifting operations, installation procedures for key parts, special precautions, etc. Hidden dangers and preventive measures for accidents such as work sites, electrical circuits, and pipelines.


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