The main purpose and structural composition of the Bent Cladding Pipe
Nov 13, 2018

The curved tube cladding tube is used in the pneumatic conveying ash removal system and is an important channel for conveying coal ash. The inlet and outlet are connected with the straight pipe of carbon steel pipe. The medium transported by the elbow shell tube is a gas-solid two-phase flow, the gas is air, and the solid is the ash generated after the coal is burned, and the main component is a mixture of higher hardness such as silica and alumina.


In order to avoid impact and wear, the curved tube cladding tube adopts a hollow curved carbon steel tube and an arc-shaped wear-resistant tube lined on the inner wall of the carbon steel tube. The wear-resistant tube includes two wear-resistant pipe segments which are spliced together, and the joint portion is The transition fillet is curved in the wear-resistant pipe section of the upper section of the two wear-resistant pipe sections.


The lining wear-resistant tube of the Bent Cladding Pipe is made of high-chromium cast iron material for wear resistance, and the outer carbon steel tube serves as a support. The wear-resistant tube is spliced for two wear-resistant pipe sections, the joint is a transitional fillet, the bending radius of the two wear-resistant pipe sections is large, and the arc of the wear-resistant pipe composed of the transition fillet splicing is large, and the overall size of the bent pipe is small. The flow resistance of the elbow is small, which solves the technical problem that the inside of the elbow has ridge lines and high cost.

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