Technical characteristics and application range of chromium carbide coating
Oct 10, 2018

Chromium carbide coatings have become the most widely used wear-resistant coating materials at medium and high temperatures due to their good wear resistance and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. It is not only used for the protection of aero-engine parts, but also can be used in batches for power plant "four boilers" and metallurgical roll protection.


In order to further improve the properties of the chromium carbide coating in terms of hardness, bonding strength and wear resistance, a fine particle size and low oxygen contentNiCr powder prepared by high pressure atomization and a novel deoxidizer is used as a raw material, and a polymer dispersant is added. Improve the sphericity and composition uniformity of spray-dried granulation, add sintering activator in the vacuum sintering process , solve the problem of difficult bonding of metal and ceramic phase in the bonding process, and prepare the composition with controllable, uniform distribution of hard phase and sphericity. The high nickel-chromium chrome carbide cermet composite powder is formed into a batch production.


The prepared chromium carbide coating has many grades and specifications , and some are suitable for severely eroded particles and high hardness requirements ; some are suitable for impact resistance with high toughness ; The hardness and toughness of the chromium carbide coating are moderate .


For example , a nickel-chromium-carbonated chromium-based high-temperature self-lubricating coating material containing silver and a fluorine-containing eutectic coating has a dense coating with low friction coefficient and good self-lubricating property; and contains nanometer chromium carbide. problems grow composite coating material prepared by vapor diffusion, nano-effective solution of chromium carbide uniformly distributed nanoparticles and problems, it provides a good foundation for the development of high performance composite chromium carbide coating material.

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