Self-protecting flux cored wire features and advantages
Jan 25, 2019

Self-shielded flux-cored wire is a flux-cored wire that does not require external gas protection. It has been greatly developed with its unique advantages. It has been widely used in pipeline construction, offshore engineering, outdoor large-scale steel structure manufacturing, and high-rise steel structure. Construction, surface surfacing, etc.


The self-protecting flux-cored wire protects the droplets and the molten pool by the slagging agent and the gas generating agent in the wire core, and the gas and slag generated under the action of the arc high temperature protects the droplets and the molten pool. No protective gas source is needed in the whole process, and the device has simple structure, light weight and easy operation.


Moreover, the self-shielded flux-cored wire has good wind-resistance and anti-pores performance. In the welding, the wire is formed by the metallurgical reaction of the wire itself to form a protective atmosphere, which can be welded under the four-level wind force. As long as the wind speed does not exceed 8 m/s, no protection can be taken. The measures are especially suitable for field construction operations; and the arc penetration force is large, the droplets are sprayed in a spray shape, and the splash is small.


Self-shielded flux-cored wire has excellent all-position vertical down-welding operation process performance, good operation process performance; good slag removal performance; deposited metal can also obtain high low temperature toughness under various harsh conditions such as low temperature and high wind. Can get good results.

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