Safe operation technology of flux cored wire arc welding
Aug 31, 2018

(1) When the flux-cored wire arc welding, the arc temperature is about &000-I 0000 `C, the arc radiation is stronger than the manual arc welding, so the protection should be strengthened.

(2) When the flux-cored wire arc welding is performed, there are many spatters, especially thick wire welding (diameter larger than I. 6mm), and more large particles splash. The welder should have perfect protective equipment to prevent human body burns.

(3) Carbon dioxide gas in the Ficus Ficus by the arc high-erh under the Cang Fenjiao Fen lining of carbon monoxide gas, defend the Ficus with a pick-up and full right sleeve know that J Hang small overlook, welding in the device, but also should strengthen ventilation, outside the container should be monitored.

(4) The voltage used in the carbon dioxide gas preheater shall not be higher than 36V, the grounding of the casing shall be reliable, and the power supply and air source shall be cut off immediately at the end of the work.

(5) A gas cylinder filled with liquid carbon dioxide, the full bottle pressure is about 0.5 MPa, but when it is subjected to additional leaching, the impact is increased, so the safety measures comply with the provisions of the "Cylinder Safety Supervision Regulations".

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