Repair measures for the Repair Coal Mill Table Liners
Nov 06, 2018

At present, the coal lining table lining has a large demand in the market. Due to the long-term grinding of various coal materials, the lining plate of the pulverizer often has different degrees of damage in this process. In order to meet the requirements of use, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate process to complete the repair of the coal mill floor lining. So, what kind of process measures are used?


In response to this situation, we can use the surfacing repair process to complete the repair of the coal mill floor lining. Surfacing repair adopts automatic arc welding of open arc, with advanced production technology and mature technology. The surfacing welding wire adopts the core-opening self-protecting surfacing welding wire, which is a special welding wire for the coal lining lining. The surface of the surfacing layer is flat, the internal components are uniform, the bonding strength with the base metal is high, and the wear resistance is good.


After repairing the surface lining of the coal mill, the surface hardness of the surfacing layer can reach HRC58-62, the surface roughness of the surfacing layer is less than 2 mm, and the arc surface is strictly repaired according to the size of the manufacturer. After the repair, the contact angle with the roller cover meets the factory requirements, and the output of the coal mill is improved.

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