Processing instructions for wear protection lining
Dec 06, 2018

The wear protection lining substrate is low carbon steel or low carbon low alloy steel with a thickness of 6-45 mm; the thickness of the surfacing layer is 5 mm. Users can choose according to their own use or make special requests according to their own needs. The user can purchase a standard wear protection lining for the following simple processing as needed.

The cutting of the wear protection lining can be cut into the required shape and size according to the shape and size. It can be bent by the press or the rounding machine to protect the lining into a curved shape or made into a cone or a barrel part. .

The base material of the wear protection lining is a steel plate with good weldability. The two composite slabs can be spliced by welding, or the lapped plate can be welded to other steel structures; the plug welding can be worn by plasma arc or arc gouging. The opening of the protective lining is connected to other steel structural parts by means of plug welding.

Bolts can be bolted to the drawings according to the requirements of the drawings, and can be connected to other workpieces through the countersunk bolts. The bolts can also be welded to the substrate of the wear protection lining by flash welding or fusion welding, and then with other The workpieces are connected.

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