Performance characteristics of different series of overlay wear plate
Dec 14, 2018

overlay wear plate plate itself with excellent comprehensive performance, while meeting the strict requirements of high strength and high wear resistance, coupled with high hardness, high strength and excellent impact toughness, the wear-resistant steel plate can become a wide range. Ideal material. In order to adapt to different market demands, we have developed steel plates of different quality grades, such as ordinary wear-resistant steel plates, high-grade wear-resistant steel plates and excellent impact-resistant wear-resistant steel plates.


First of all, the ordinary type of overlay wear plate has high hardness and has a certain impact toughness. Secondly, the super-abrasive steel plate series exhibits extremely high wear resistance and a longer lasting life, thereby reducing the overall operating cost.


There is also a high-strength steel plate,overlay wear plate can be used to meet the harsh welding conditions and to ensure the same weldability as ordinary materials. The carbon equivalent of the steel sheet is minimized without sacrificing wear resistance, so that it exhibits excellent weldability.

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