Performance and use of Cco Abrasion Pipe
Nov 23, 2018

Cco pipe has good performance of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for composite pipes with serious wear parts and a wear layer inside. Because the conveying medium generally has the characteristics of high hardness, fast flow rate, large flow rate, etc., and has long-term continuous impact on the pipe wall in the process of transportation, wear, corrosion, etc., the pipe is fatigued and gradually worn through, and the application of cco pipe Then solved this problem.


Due to the different wear conditions, there are also different material choices for the inner lining of the cco pipe. Wear-resistant ceramic composite pipes are essentially different from traditional steel pipes, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipes, cast stone pipes, and steel-plastic and steel-steel pipes.


At present, Cco Abrasion Pipe have been widely used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials, machinery and other industries, and are developing at a high speed. The pipe is an ideal pipe for transporting strongly corrosive acids, alkalis, salts and abrasive solids and liquids. Cco Abrasion Pipe are safe and reliable for use in high temperature corrosion, high temperature wear or high temperature ablation.

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