Materials and processes Welding Rebuild On Table Liner
Nov 02, 2018

In the process of surfacing repair of the rolls, it is not only necessary to select suitable surfacing materials, but also to determine the specific process methods. The materials Welding Rebuild On Table Liner include wire and flux. The welding wire is an important factor that directly affects the quality of the surfacing layer metal. It should have good weldability, meet the requirements for use and economy.


That is to say, in the process of roll surfacing repair, the main function of the flux is to separate the molten pool of molten metal from the air, and to make the molten flux and liquid metal act under the action of arc heat. The action regulating component should have a good protective effect, less spatter, stable arc, and easy to remove slag.


Before the roll repairing process, the roll needs to be machined to remove all the defects on the surface, and the large-scale peeling defects are ground away by the grinding wheel, and the local welding process is carried out with the self-made welding rod, and then ground with a grinding wheel. In order to prevent defects such as cracks and pores, and to improve the fusion of the weld layer and the base material during surfacing, the rolls need to be preheated during the overall surfacing. Submerged arc welding is then used for surfacing.

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