Matching of flux for Open Arc Welding Wire
Jan 10, 2019

Under the same conditions, even if the same arc welding wire and the same welding parameters are used, if the flux used is different, the performance of the resulting weld will vary greatly. That is to say, the welding process performance and chemical metallurgical properties of the flux are one of the main factors determining the chemical composition and properties of the weld metal.


In fact, arc welding wire can be used in combination with different fluxes. What are the main requirements for flux? Firstly, the flux should have good metallurgical properties. When welding, it should be equipped with appropriate welding wire and reasonable welding process. The weld metal should be able to obtain suitable chemical composition and good mechanical properties (intensity and high plasticity compatible with the base metal). , toughness) and strong resistance to cold cracks and hot cracks.


Secondly, in order to ensure the quality of the weld, the flux used should have good processability, and the flux should have a certain degree of granularity, and should have a certain particle strength, in order to facilitate multiple recycling. At the same time, the flux should have a low water content and good moisture resistance to meet the welding requirements of the arc welding wire.

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