Manufacture of Flux Cored Arc and product advantages
Jan 04, 2019

Flux cored wire has been around for a long time. Its manufacturing process is very strict. Since the filler metal comes from the steel sheet and the composition of the flux, the dimensions and chemical composition before manufacture must be checked in detail to ensure quality. Most of the flux-cored wire is rolled into a U-shaped section by a strip of flat metal foil, and the granular flux is filled in the U-shaped metal groove and then the final sealing roll step is performed to tightly roll the flux. Pressed in the tubular wire.


The wire wound into a tubular shape is then subjected to a series of pulling operations to become the final desired wire diameter, and the pulling action can also uniformly fix the filled flux in the wire sheath. In the production process of flux-cored wire, how to prevent the formation of hollow wire in the wire due to poor control is the key to the quality of flux-cored wire production. The welding wire is packaged into rolls or barrels to avoid entanglement or breakage of the wires. Usually, the coiled wire is wrapped with a plastic sleeve and a desiccant is placed to prevent the material from being damp, and the encapsulated material is then sent out in a cardboard box.


Flux cored wire can be used for welding of carbon steel, low alloy high tensile steel, high strength quenched and tempered steel, stainless steel and hard surface wear resistant steel. For the welding of various steels, it is very convenient and easy to adjust the composition and proportion of the flux, and it can provide the required weld chemical composition.


The process technology of the flux-cored wire is good, the joint of the candle joint is beautifully combined with the gas slag to obtain good shape; the arc-stabilizing agent is added to stabilize the arc and the droplet transfer is uniform. The deposition rate is fast and the production efficiency is high. Under the same welding current, the current density of the flux-cored wire is large, the melting speed is fast, and the whole welding can be performed with a large welding current.

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