Introduction of main performance characteristics of chrome carbide plate
Oct 26, 2018

The main features of chrome-plated chrome plates can be summarized as: high hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance. In practical applications, the common installation methods are bolts and welding. Its impact resistance is mainly due to the complete metallurgical bond between the wear-resistant alloy layer and the substrate, resisting strong impact, and there is no need to worry about falling off.


At the same time, the chrome-plated chrome plate has good processability, and currently can be processed by welding, cutting, crimping, punching, and the like. When the connection is made, it can be welded into various structural parts or parts by welding of the base layer steel plate, or it can be mechanically connected, and the plasma-cutting gun is used to punch holes in the wear-resistant composite steel plate, and is fixed by bolts. On the equipment, easy to repair and replace.


The chrome carbide plate is actually an alloy composite laminate. The high carbon carbide content of the carbide material allows the product to be used in extremely abrasive environments. Moreover, after a certain period of time, the chromium carbide steel plate is very smooth and flat, so that the surface friction coefficient is low. For this reason, it has gradually become an ideal material for occasions where the suspension is erected and subjected to scouring.

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