Improve the service life of Hardfacing Anti-Abrasion Elbow by changing the structure
Nov 22, 2018

In contrast, the elbow is more wearable than the straight pipe, so in addition to the need for Hardfacing Anti-Abrasion Elbow, the rational design of the elbow structure also plays a significant role in reducing wear. The long-radius elbow was originally used in pneumatic conveying. However, later bending experiments and practical experience have shown that this structure is severely worn and has a short life span. Therefore, this structure is not recommended.


In order to extend the working life of the Hardfacing Anti-Abrasion Elbow, the design is composed of one elbow and one elbow, the gap between the two elbows is filled with cement mortar, or the flow section of the hardened portion of the elbow is increased. The material flow in the outer part of the pipe is deteriorated, and the material is intentionally stagnated at the bent pipe, so that the material particles collide with each other, and the wear on the wall surface of the bent pipe can be prevented. The elbow can be designed to be a more reasonable structure.


In addition, the short radius bend hardening is similar to the T-tube, which also has a densely packed material area at the turn but no "cavity". However, there is no such thing as "returning" the inner wall of the T-bend at one end. Therefore, the short-radius Hardfacing Anti-Abrasion Elbow wear resistance is better than the long-radius elbow, and slightly worse than the T-tube at one end.

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