How to install a fixed high-chromium composite wear-resistant liner?
Aug 31, 2018

High-chromium composite wear-resistant lining has been applied to modern industrial production on a large scale, but there have been some doubts about its installation and fixing methods. In order to make it easier for everyone to choose high-chromium composite wear-resistant lining, our company has summarized the following three ways:

Welding: The base material of the large-area composite steel plate is a steel plate with good weldability. When two steel plates are required to be spliced, the back base metal materials can be welded together, and then the front surfacing layer is filled with the corresponding surfacing welding electrode. Qi, wear-resistant steel plates can also be welded to other steel structures.

Plug welding: It can be opened on the wear-resistant steel plate by plasma or carbon arc gouging, and connected with other steel structural parts by plug welding.

Bolting: The bolts can be welded to the base metal of the steel plate by welding, and then connected to other workpieces. Holes can also be made in the wear-resistant steel plate and connected to other workpieces by bolts.

The above three methods can be flexibly selected according to different industrial and mining, and basically can meet the requirements. If you are not sure, please contact our company's high chromium composite wear-resistant lining technical supervisor.

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