Hardfacing Abrasion Pipe performance and installation requirements
Nov 29, 2018

The wear tube has excellent wear resistance during operation, and can be used continuously for more than 10 years. The wear-resistant elbow-centrifugal cast composite ceramic is used in the 9.1 million KW unit, using coal ash up to 45%, and each tube is fed 42 tons per hour. After being used for 24 months, it was worn away by 0.2mm, and the pneumatic conveying dry ash, 74 tons/hour, the flow rate was 20m/s, the concentration was 28%, and the position was at the graying corner. Wear 0.15 mm after 12 months of use.

The wear resistance of the wear tube is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron, and the wear resistance is excellent. The application of wear-resistant elbows in the milling system greatly reduces the wear and tear of the equipment. According to more than ten years of on-site operation experience, the durability time is at least 10 years, reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.

The inner lining of the wear tube has high strength, high hardness and light weight. The centrifugal cast composite ceramic, the hardness of the corundum layer is as high as HV1100-1400, which is equivalent to the tungsten-cobalt hard alloy. The weight of the composite ceramic bent pipe is only the wear-resistant steel elbow. /4, easy to install and replace.

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