Common way of surface treatment of chute wear lining
Dec 01, 2018

The wear-resistant lining of the chute must be specially treated on the surface of the product before leaving the factory, so that the appearance of the product becomes beautiful and beautiful, which is conducive to market sales. Zinc plating is a commonly used surface treatment method, in which hot-dip galvanizing is a compact basic zinc carbonate film formed on the surface of zinc to achieve rust, erosion and aesthetics. Cold galvanizing is the use of electrolysis to allow zinc ions to adhere to the metal mesh surface to form a coating.


The surface treatment method of the wear-resistant lining of the chute also includes dip-coating, generally heating the object to be immersed to melt the plastic powder on the metal surface, heating time and temperature will affect the thickness of the plastic layer, and dip-coating can enhance the waterproof and rust-proof of the product. , anti-erosion performance, and a choice of a variety of colors to make the nm400 wear-resistant plate products more beautiful and more ornamental.


Spraying can also be used as a surface treatment method for the wear-resistant lining of the chute. The electrostatic principle is used to adsorb the plastic powder on the product, and then the heat-curing process is used to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion of the product coating. The spray is generally used in temporary products. The plastic layer is thinner than the dip coating process, and the advantage is low cost and high speed.

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