Characteristics and application of High Chrome Core Wire
Jan 08, 2019

The manufacture of the high-chromium core wire is carried out using a special wire wrapping machine. The steel strip is pre-deformed according to the process flow, and the core powder is loaded. Then, the steel strip is buckled along the longitudinal direction, and the powder core material is tightly wrapped in the sleeve. The central angle of the arc length of the buckle portion is not less than 45. Then it is deformed by pressure. From the circular cut surface to the rectangular cut surface, the cross-sectional area is reduced to compact the core material.


The rectangular high-chromium core wire is wound flat on the reel after being rust-proofed. The core coil has two types of outer and inner draw lines. The core reel should be strictly packed to ensure that it is protected from moisture and external contamination during storage and transportation. The core wire is characterized in that the core material is inserted into the molten steel in the sheath to avoid contact with the air and the slag, and thus is not oxidized and burnt.


As the high-chromium core wire is fed into the molten steel, the alloy powder is preheated, and after the steel sheath is melted, it is in contact with the molten steel. The dissolution and reaction of the alloying elements occurs in the depth of the molten steel isolated from the air and occurs at a higher static pressure. It is the best way to add elements which are difficult to be added to the molten steel.

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