Basic classification and main features of wear-resistant pipe materials
Dec 12, 2018

The wear-resistant pipe materials are basically divided into four categories, the main features of which are:

1. Wear-resistant tube of polymer material

The wear-resistant tube is mainly made of polymer compound in the process of production, and includes rubber, plastic, fiber, paint and adhesive. Rubber is a kind of linear flexible polymer. The polymer fiber is divided into natural fiber and chemical fiber. The plastic is mainly composed of synthetic resin or chemically modified natural polymer. Main characteristics: low strength, high plasticity and toughness.

2. Wear-resistant tube of inorganic non-metallic materials

The inorganic non-metallic material of the wear-resistant tube is a material composed of oxides, carbides, nitrides, halogen compounds, borides and silicates, aluminates, phosphates, borates and the like of certain elements. , ceramics, abrasives (silicon carbide, alumina), cast stone (diabase, basalt, etc.), carbon materials, non-metallic minerals (asbestos, mica, marble, etc.). Main characteristics: high strength, low plasticity and toughness.

3. Wear-resistant tube of metal material

Metal elements of wear-resistant pipes or materials with metallic properties mainly composed of metal elements, including pure metals, alloys, intermetallic compounds and special metal materials. Metal materials are usually classified into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and special metals. metallic material. Main characteristics: According to different metal performance indexes, the strength is different from plasticity and toughness.



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