Auxiliary effect of wear-resistant steel plate on steel sheet pile
Jan 30, 2019

In order to better avoid the fatigue damage of the steel plate pile jaws formed by the long-term high-strength of the oscillating hammer jaws on the steel sheet pile during the insertion, we need to be in the direction of the lock on each side of the steel sheet pile and the steel sheet pile. A piece of steel plate 25 cm wide and 2 cm thick is welded firmly, and the top end of the welded steel plate is level with the steel sheet pile.

Generally, we use 400 wear-resistant steel plates, because this steel plate can protect the steel sheet pile from being damaged, and the force direction of the oscillating hammer jaws can be combined with the direction of the force of the lock, and the difficulty of inserting the steel sheet pile can be reduced.

After the wear-resistant steel sheet piles are transported to the construction site, the deformation may be large. The production and anti-corrosion of the steel pipe piles must be checked by the supervision unit and transported to the site for storage, the certificate of the steel sheet pile and the relevant raw materials, as well as the steel for each exit. Pipe piles and wear-resistant steel sheet piles are examined and inspected.

Steel pipe piles and steel sheet piles need to be transported repeatedly. The deviation of the flatness of the locks is large or partially twisted or suddenly changed; the locks on both sides are not parallel and have distortion. Check the appearance of the pile to check its standard, raw materials, straightness, several dimensions of the section, and the bending of the pile body, especially the locking part of the wear-resistant steel sheet pile is more important. It is necessary to "view" the lock according to the quality of the piles, and classify and accumulate according to the quality characteristics of the piles.

The construction of the steel sheet pile system mainly includes the processing anticorrosion of the steel pipe pile, the processing and anticorrosion of the wear-resistant steel sheet pile, the manufacture of the guide frame and the feed pile rod, the oscillating hammer inserted steel pipe pile and the diesel hammer feed pile. The manufacturing and processing of steel pipe piles and anti-corrosion are carried out in the factory; the processing and anti-corrosion of steel sheet piles is completed at the scene.

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