Application of flux cored wire arc welding
Aug 31, 2018

Flux cored wire arc welding can be used for both semi-automatic and automatic welding, but is usually used for semi-automatic welding. Flat welding, overhead welding and all-position welding can be carried out by using different welding wires and shielding gas. A shorter wire extension length and a larger welding current can be used than conventional MIG welding. Compared with manual arc welding, welds with a large weld angle can be obtained when welding fillet welds. This welding method is usually used for welding carbon steel, low-strength alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Due to the above characteristics, this method is the most promising welding method for automatic and semi-automatic welding of ordinary steel arc welding. The flux-cored wire sheath is made of low carbon steel or low alloy steel steel. The process of welding the wire is to first roll the steel skin (usually 08A) into a U-shaped section, and then limit the U-shaped steel strip of the metering powder material to the right and the same, and smell. The flux material is compacted and finally Paying powder to play the powder is always awkward.

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