Advantages and disadvantages of flux cored wire arc welding
Aug 31, 2018


Flux cored wire arc welding combines the advantages of manual arc welding with conventional gas metal arc welding. Its main advantages are:

(1) The joint protection of gas and slag is adopted, the weld bead is beautifully formed, the arc stability is good, the spatter is small, and the particles are fine.

(2) The welding wire is fast, the deposition efficiency (about 85%~90%) and the productivity are high (the productivity is 3~5 times higher than the manual welding).

(3) The adaptability of welding various steel materials is strong, and the required weld metal chemical composition can be provided by adjusting the composition and proportion of the flux.

(4) High welding efficiency (compared to welding rod), suitable for automatic welding semi-automatic welding or fully automatic welding.

(5) The welding utilization rate is high (compared with the welding rod), the utilization rate of the welding wire is far more than that of the welding electrode, and the welding wire is more cost-effective than the welding rod under the same weight.


(1) The wire manufacturing process is complicated.

(2) The wire feeding is more difficult than the solid wire, and it is necessary to use a wire feeding mechanism that reduces the wire feeding pressure.

(3) The appearance of the welding wire is easy to rust, and the powder is easy to absorb moisture. Therefore, the preservation of the welding wire needs to be strictly managed.

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